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The Reason

December 31, 2013

Mary stirred her coffee and looked at me across the table at our Theology Camp.

“Dr. Zockoll, you went to college and majored in radio and TV broadcasting, right?”

I nodded.  “Yes, that’s true.”  I looked hard at the fireplace, trying to recall.  “But I changed my major to Bible in about… let’s see … 1980.”

Mary frowned.  “But you had been offered a position as an anchorman at that time, while you were still in college, right?”1a

“Yes,” I admitted.  “I had contacts with an investment group  who wanted to bring a new television station to Delaware.  Being a resident of the state at that time, the leaders of that committee wanted a ‘local boy’ to bring flavor to the new station.  I was told I would have been the youngest anchorman in the country.”

“But you changed, and went into a career of Bible teaching…”

Again I nodded.  “I started out as a youth pastor in California and eventually got into full-time classroom teaching.  Wow, that was over thirty years ago…”

She shrugged.  “Do you have any regrets?  I mean, the difference in your salary…”

While preparing to give her an answer, I looked down at my coffee and thought back to three years ago in the classroom.  I had a room packed with sophomores, their pencils out and their eyes locked onto the screen.   I gestured towards the PowerPoint display, showing thirty Koine Greek words. We were in the third day of learning New Testament Greek words.  My assignment was for them  to know five of them.  “Let’s get started, ladies and gentlemen.”  I pointed to the first word agape written in the Greek lettering.  “Anyone?”

“Oh, that means ‘love’,” called out H-.  “And the next  is skotia, meaning ‘darkness’, and the one after that is zoe, meaning ‘life’, and the next one…”

“Hey, I used that one while I was debating someone on the internet last night,” called out A-.  “And, Doc, I wanted to tell you that I used the apologetics study, especially the prophecies from Psalm 22 from my classroom notes, to witness to three people in a chat room… and hey, that next one logos is ‘Word’.”

“The next two are ‘good news’ and ‘heaven’,” yelled D-. “And that next one, arkay …”

“Means ‘beginning’, “interrupted M-. ” I know the next three, let me say them, okay?”

And so it went.  Word by word, the class gave the definitions of every word on the screen – completing an assignment that wasn’t due for another two weeks.  Intertwined were shouts of how the students had been using these words – and other Bible verses – at the dinner table, at their sports practices, in their youth groups, with their non-Christian friends…

“I was able to use my notes about Romans 3:23 and 6:23 to witness to my uncle over the weekend,” said T-.

And that’s when I turned and muffled a sob, but couldn’t hold it back.  I broke down crying in the middle of class…


… I looked up from my coffee and smiled at Mary.  “Nope.  No regrets at all.”




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  1. Wow, very well said and well put. I surely miss those Biblical sessions…

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