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Quick thoughts on Theology Camp

January 11, 2014

Well, it was a challenge but we did it – we went through the book of Revelationimage.  What was such a puzzling and intimidating book now has some familiarity to it among my camper/students.

My next blog will give a more detailed insight of the week, but I thought I would jot down a few thoughts of the overall camp experience at the fifth Theology Camp.

One of the collateral benefits of these retreats is that students get to expand their universe of friends.  As Taylor said, “I never knew Riley was so funny.  He keeps us all laughing with the jokes he tells.”  Funny thing was, Riley was unaware that he was telling any jokes.  However, I think that this once-shy fellow is pleased that he has made some good friends.  Brandon is considered shy on campus – not anymore.  He has some new “followers”!  The usually-reserved Conner also surprised us with his stealth during a game of Mafia.

Laura and Matthew ruled as the Monarchs of cooking.

Adaira intrigued me with her in-depth inquisitiveness.

Ohmar leads the league in asking questions about the Bible.  I love it.

The Q & A sessions were very powerful.  We gather in the downstairs meeting room in front of a nice strong fire on the hearth and turn down the lights.  Then the questions begin.  We discussed witnessing, the problem of evil, Angelology,  the anti-Christ’s influence, the Millennium and some other sensitive topics that I willimage not mention in this blog.  I like these times the best because of the raw emotions that often come out.  I want to know, Dr. Zockoll, what this is supposed to mean…

A number of students learned a new skill – how to cook.  Some freely admitted to me that they had never made a meal.  Well, brother, they got a baptism into the culinary arts!  We made pancakes, lasagna, chicken, muffins, biscuits, bacon … Lots of bacon.  Yes, lots of bacon.

I was especially impressed with how much exertion the campers put into the chapter-by-chapter Revelation study.  What about the religious Babylon in chapter 17?  How about the books that are stacked up in Revelation 20?  What are the kingdoms that show support to the AntiChrist?  What is the numerology of chapter 15?   The questions were direct and intense.


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