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When One of My Students Openly Rebelled

January 27, 2014

One of my students stopped me in the hall today and let me know she had enough.

‘Allie’ took time between classes to tell me something that was very important on her heart.  She was dead-on serious as she looked me in the eye and related her story.7

“I went to church yesterday and, of course, went to the youth department for Sunday morning Bible study,” she said.  “But I was surprised when our youth pastor told us that we were going to have a Jenga tournament.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean, Allie,” I said.  “A Jenga tournament?  What is that?”

“Jenga is that game where you build a tower with blocks and then one-by-one you try to remove them without the tower falling over,” she explained.

That was your Sunday morning youth meeting?” I asked.

“That’s what was planned,” Allie answered, “but I couldn’t accept that.  I wanted Bible teaching, I really did.  I don’t want to waste time with a party game.  So I went to him and told him I was having a real problem with the idea of a game replacing a study of the Scriptures.”

“I asked him why he would think this was acceptable,” she continued, ” and he told me that the youth curriculum had not arrived yet, so what could he do?  I respectfully told him that he could do a devotional, a word study, a chapter review of the Gospels – anything but sit around and pull pieces of wood from a structure on a coffee table.”

“What was his response?” I asked.

“He didn’t know what to do – he honestly didn’t, so I volunteered to give a message,” Allie answered.  “He let me do it!  I took some of the notes from our school class teaching on the book of Revelation – and a little apologetics – and gave a small message about it.  The teens seemed to like it, and so we got to have some Scripture lessons after all.”

The bell rang.  I had a class to go teach so I had to leave her at that point in the conversation … but, brother, did that ever make my day.

God bless you greatly, Allie, for standing up and calling for the need to be serious whenever God’s people are gathered together for the purpose of Bible study and worship of the Lord.

God bless you for not accepting that a social function would replace time in God’s Word.

God bless you for paying attention enough in Bible class to be able to have a message prepared to offer a Godly replacement.

And God bless you for having the conviction deep enough to carry through with a spiritual alternative, the boldness to deliver a message from your heart, and the determination to refuse to accept anything less than letting God speak to you and your fellow teens.

Allie had enough.  She was tired of the fluff of social Christianity.  She did something about it.

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  1. Love it! Tell her I’m going to share her story here in virginia this week. Very impressed. Praying for more Godly young men and women to step up to the plate.

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