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My Classroom Warning Signs

May 21, 2014

Throughout the year, I have arrived at the school between 5:30 and 6 in the morning each day, a necessary part of my routine.  In this absolute silence I am able to re-read the day’s lesson, add any current news of interest to Christians, and double-check the Powerpoints for my New Testament, Psychology and Bible Leadership classes.

I really, really need solitude so that I can concentrate.   I ran into a problem that needed to be handled.  At the beginning of the year, some students would wander in around 7 a.m. or so, wanting to chat about a sports team or maybe just to lay their head down to sleep.  They know they are supposed to be in the cafeteria with the general student population until 8 a.m., but some of them want to bend the rules a bit.   The frequency of these pop-in visits was getting so out of hand that I needed to put up signs in order to remind the students of the school rules.

I thought I would add a different blog here this morning and show you some of my warning signs through the weeks.  I wanted to be firm but also be friendly.  I hope you enjoy them.warn2warn3warn1warn4warn5warn6warn7


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