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The Surprise at the Top of the Stairs

July 1, 2014

Oh, what a grand time we had at the Coffee Mug Bible Study last night!

Thirty-two people crammed into the upstairs Loft area at Cozy Joe’s, aptly named for its snug and homey atmosphere.  Ages ranged from sixteen to forty-five (or older, but I’m not about to ask).  Backgrounds varied from college student to Army Ranger to investment banker to single mom.

We had originally thought that a dozen or so individuals would attend.  The crowd exceeded any of our expectations.

And there was food.  Cozy Joe’s sold us huge BBQ sandwiches, while Hannah brought pink and yellow cupcakes designed to look like roses and Susan supplied us with anything from home-baked banana bread to fresh fruit salad.

But the folks didn’t come for the food.

imageThey came to get into the Word.

And that’s what we did.

But maybe not in the way you would expect. Not from other Bible studies you may have experienced. You might call our study an ADD Bible study:  an Attention Deficit Disorder approach to the Scriptures.

Now, don’t get up in arms about a disrespectful use of the term.  Before you become accusatory and defensive, you might want to know that I’ve been diagnosed with ADD, so I have the right to use the term in this setting.

What I mean is, we don’t labor over one long theme or subject during the evening’s Bible time.  Realizing that most people have numerous questions and even shorter attention spans, I break the evening into segments:  twenty minutes on Heaven, ten minutes on apologetics or a philosophy, twenty minutes on the book of Revelation, ten minutes for a question from the Q & A box, another ten for the second question… you get the idea.  The response has been positive, and we stay on track on our overall theme of learning what God has for us in His Scripture.

Take look at the picture below, and you will see some of the questions that are put into our Q & A box.  You get a clear idea that there is a strong desire to dig deeper and find more about God and His plan for us all.

I wanted to share in this blog how much I love being with these people.  Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, agnostic, Lutheran, we got ’em from all walks of life.  Some of the young people will arrive early to help set up the tables and chairs.  One adult paid the imagetab for some others who didn’t have the money to get a BBQ sandwich.  Our military man commits himself to cleaning up the place while other people linger and ask questions after the meeting is over.

What I see are people who are honest, open and desiring to live the joyful life that Jesus shows them in the Scripture.

We had a wheelchair-bound young man who keenly wanted to be a part of our study.  His cerebral palsy has limited him to a specialized motor-driven wheelchair that is enormously heavy.  We meet on the second floor in the Loft and there is no elevator.  “That’s okay,” said Brandon.  “I’ll carry you up.”

And last night before the study, there was Brandon carrying this fellow in his arms, up a full, long flight of stairs.  Both were grinning.

As I said, I love being with these people.

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