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How my Migraine Headache is a valuable lesson for me.

December 26, 2017

7Christmas was yesterday.  I am sitting here at the kitchen table, fighting a migraine headache.

Oh, I say “fighting” but in reality the migraine is pummeling me all over.

We migraine sufferers are an odd sort, with our own culture, really; we act out our description.  You can tell a fellow sufferer because whenever you discuss a migraine headache they immediately start grasping their skull in order to explain the location of the pain.  Watch some sufferers converse and you’ll see all sorts of pawing at the cranium.

(Full hand palmed across the back of the skull) “Mine’s back here, at the base.”

(Gently jabbing the thumb into the upper eye region) “Yeah, well, mine’s like a ten-penny nail being driven right here.”

(Swirling motion around the whole skull)  “Mine’s all over, like a hat-band squeezing my head.”

There are certain hierarchies in the migraine world, and full-circle pain is the top of the rung and gets the respect of other sufferers.  The rest of us step back in admiration and let the hat-band people lead the rest of the conversation.  As for me, mine is a stabbing pain right over the right eyeball and right below the eyebrow.  If you were here I would thumb my eye to complete my explanation.

I have had numerous injuries in my life:  broken foot, torn ACL, wrenched back, broken thumb, and torn rotator cuff  come to mind at the moment.  These injuries have been dreadful and some have been monstrous, but none of these really take over my life like a full-blown migraine.  I guess it is because it is front-and-center and locked into the very core of my existence:  my head.  In fact, it dominates my vision, my smell, and my taste as well.  I can converse with you, dine with you and even laugh with you when I have a leg or wrist injury, but I cannot – and will not – when I suffer a migraine headache.  In fact, I cannot stand to have anyone around.  I want to lay inert in a dark room and endure the pain, quietly waiting for the medication to give me even a minute of relief.  I fight depression and even anger at times.

Oh, thank the Lord for the solace of medication.

As I sit here in the dark kitchen and type I fully wait for alleviation, I have realized what my upcoming year’s ministry is to be: to help those in pain.

Deep pain.

Of the eternal sort.

Many people around me have shown a deep spiritual pain that longs for relief.  I find folks who really, really suffer from the blinding panic of No Hope.  One man I know finds his solace in alcohol.  Another avoids reality by immersing himself in the internet world.  A woman acquaintance fills her days with “selfies” and a narcissistic cry for attention by accumulating “likes”  to give her a sense of self-worth.

When the times for us to sit and converse  – and sadly they are very few –  the talk of eternity is a yawing pain in their soul.  They fumble and cough around the idea of facing death and the specter of eternity, wanting to touch on it but like a child intrigued yet scared by a candle, they withdraw when they get too near the flame.  They walk away from me in a stagger of pain, unable to get the Treatment.

Take a look around and you will see them as well.

I happened upon a blog of a young man who delighted to describe his own humanitarian efforts, but overriding his very good deeds was a continual proclamation of his philosophical superiority through his atheism.  I read his blogs not in the least offended but in a sad realization that he was raging against the dying of the light, and in blogging his beliefs he was calling for others to anger as well.  It wasn’t hard to read between the lines; he was suffering the pain of an unsure eternity.  In a “misery loves company” plea, he called for back-up whenever a Christian logged in and gave him the reality of salvation in Christ.  Soon dozens of others were raging on the Believer.  All of the entries I saw showed a similar pain.

By the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God, I want to increase my ministry by helping deliver the Antidote.  The magnificent answer to mankind’s problem is the fascinating and stunning Messiah and Savior, and He has allowed us the opportunity to be part of His mission to deliver the Prescription.

My mission cannot be reached through politics nor through self-help, but through the clear directions that promise a Cure.

I want to do that, and get the blinding pain of fear and imbalance delivered from the sufferers.

But as for right now, I need to go find a quiet dark room and rest a bit more.


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  1. Lynda permalink

    So sorry you are suffering this morning. I am praying for eyes to see past a person’s actions to the source of pain that drives them. He really does heal and set us free . He has done it for me and I will never be the same. I am praying God will lead you to the hurting and grant you wisdom to know how to minister.

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