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Blindness is making me think

July 13, 2018

1Yes that’s my eye – as far as I can open it this morning.  I woke at 5:30 a.m. unable to sleep.  My eye cannot stop watering, no matter what I do to dab and cleanse it.

Yesterday was my yardwork day here at the Zockoll homestead, and I spent the afternoon hours laboring diligently in cutting down the weedy shrubs, vines, thorns and branches from our miniature forest in the back of our property.

I was sawing, cutting and sweating quite happily throughout the heat of the afternoon when I reached up to grasp and cut away a long-dead pine branch from overhead.  As I yanked the yard-long branch away from the tree, a shower of gray pine needles and other debris rained down on me, coating my head and face.  Even though I was wearing my glasses, a small particle of the branch bark bounced past my lens and lodged in my eye.

I tried to blink it away.  No luck.

I tried to dab it out.  It stayed with me.

I continued to work in the yard while attempting to restore my sight.  It must have looked comical;  I was trying to shovel and saw while staggering and pawing at my eye like a boxer who got sucker-punched.  At one point I felt better, and thought I had finally rid myself of the offending mote.

However, as I taught the college class last night, I suddenly felt something sharp in my eye.  As the students worked in teams on an assignment, I stole over to the side of the room and wiped gently.  A nasty discharge came out from the corner of my eye, but I found no relief from the offending particle.  I blinked my way through the final hour of the class and when I got home, I had my daughter take a flashlight and do an inspection of my now-watering eyeball – and there it was:  a splinter of wood the size and shape of a pinky fingernail clipping.  I was able to remove it and finally rest.  I applied ointment and went to bed.

However, I am discovering that there might be more there.  I woke up early to a glued-down  eyelid and a dull ache.  As I write, it is still draining slowly.

Wow, if ever there was a real-life application of a spiritual truth, this is it.  My morning devotions made a real-life change over to Matthew 7:5:

“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

First of all, this makes physical sense.  Despite my best efforts at Boy Scout first aid, right now my eye is so infected that I don’t really think I would do anybody any good at trying to help their vision problems.  Secondly, it gives me a smack-in-the-face awareness of my walk with Christ.  This has caused me to reflect on my spiritual infection as well, in the light of Matthew 7:5.

Too many times I’ve made excuses for my impatient behavior.  Why,  just the other day I was sitting and listening impatiently to someone whom I considered “rambling” and waiting for them to take a breath so that I could interject my “pearls of wisdom.”  Get it?  They were rambling but I was instructing.  What a hypocrite!

How many times have I reprimanded a student on a pride issue when I knew full well that my self-satisfaction was a hindrance to my ministry?

How many times have I scolded someone on inattention when I know full well there have been times when I myself have snuck peeks at my phone or laptop as a diversion in the middle of a church service or teacher’s meeting?

How often have I taught about immersing oneself in the Word and prayer when I know full well that my Scripture study and prayer life have been woefully inadequate in building the bridge of understanding and worship with Jesus?

The Lord must be tapping His foot patiently waiting for me to recognize the spiritual beam in my eye.  I ignore it all too often, even though it is grating and fogging my spiritual steps.

I think an overall inspection of my walk with Jesus should be more than meets the eye.

Okay, it was a poor joke, but you get what I’m trying to say.




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