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Day 14: Some signs of remembrance

August 27, 2018

1The picture you see here is of the two little posters I taped up to the back of my room. They are hints to the students in these first days of speeches:  if I am waving my hand, you have reached the three-minute mark and you have met the minimum.  You can stop at any time – just be sure to make the closing pleasant, complete, and strong.   The other sign to the right is a help in case one of the student speakers goes “brain dead” during a speech and realizes that they haven’t reached the three-minute mark yet.  All you need to do is back up and review what you’ve just said.  In a pinch, it’ll buy time until you reach your three-minute minimum.

The speeches have gone well so far, and the little signs I post are a way to remind the student to stay focused on the message  – not stress about the unknown – and be strong.

There is another reminder on the back wall.

Here’s the wall message painted right above those little posters:


It’s from Revelation 1:7 – “Behold, He is coming with the clouds and every eye shall see Him…”

That’s the goal of my students – to look for His coming and His glory.  To study in anticipation of His return.  To let Jesus the Christ in His magnificence make us what we could never imagine, and be that way in honor of Him.

He’s more than a teacher.  He’s more than a historical figure.  He’s more than a shepherd.

He’s the Prophet, Priest and King that oversees all of us – including those in little Room 129.

That’s my goal each day – to display Jesus in His majesty.

The bell’s about to ring and the school day start.  I must run.

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