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Day 21: Random and exhausted thoughts from the middle of the week

September 5, 2018

I’1m pretty worn out today so I will just bullet-point my  random thoughts after a good, full day in the classroom.  They’re not deep, but you may find them entertaining:

  • I’m not saying I’m behind in my list of things to do including cleaning the car, but as I climbed out of my ’92 Jeep Wagoneer I noticed that the floor behind the passenger seat had a handful of Cheerios sprinkled on the mat.  I haven’t had anyone with Cheerios in the back seat of my car for at least three months.  Come to think of it, I can’t remember anyone with Cheerios entering my car within the last year.
  • Speaking of lagging in my to-do list: today brought to mind a phrase I remember from the old Amish Country up in Pennsylvania:  “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”  I think I will have that engraved on my thumbnail.
  • One of our teachers was taken seriously ill last week.  The continued burden and compassion of the student body leaves a deep impression on me.  Numerous students are grieved and praying for the recovery of their dear teacher and our cherished colleague.
  • Today’s discussion in the afternoon’s Bible class on Heaven was great, just great.  I received so many in-class questions about this subject that we had to skip a second part of the study and almost ran out of class time altogether.
  • I walked into my afternoon classroom to find our German foreign exchange student in a happy, swirling-hop-jump-spin giddy dance for the sheer enjoyment of it and the entertainment of her two quiet friends.  Greta’s face was priceless when she spun around and saw me enter the room;  “sheer embarrassment” would be the phrase.   Her two friends fell over laughing.
  • The after-school Teacher’s Training was on how to refresh our knowledge and ability on Moodle.  Moodle is a specialized tool for teachers that involves knowing more than how to put animated gifs on a Powerpoint, so I’m in trouble.  It must be hilarious to witness someone like me try to keep up with this technology.  It’s sort of the equivalent of trying to teach Mixed Martial Arts to Captain Kangaroo.
  • I heard Christmas music today.  I actually did.  It’s still 85 degrees here in Tennessee with 80 percent humidity and I heard a song with sleigh bells.  I am losing my mind.
  • I finished a personal study on the Pharisees.  I am amazed at the Mafia-type control they had over the religious world of their day.  To think – they started off as a sincere “back to the Bible” grassroots rebellion to the elite and snobbish arrogance of the hoity-toity Sadducees.  Power destroys.
  • One of the most intense questions today about Heaven was “will we be allowed to eat meat in Heaven?”  The subject quickly turned to BBQ.
  • When you get my age, hair grows everywhere but on the scalp.  It finds new places to grow, and it grows with a flourish and I mean thick.  You ought to hear whenever I used the battery-powered nose-hair trimmer this morning.  It sounded like I was edging my nostrils with an electric Weed Eater.
  •  One of my former students dropped me an email from her college and sent me an e-mail I will long remember.  In it she included a cherished line:  Thank you for investing in my life.

    Oh, my.

    Thank you, Camryn.

    And thank You, Lord.

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