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Day 23: When a student finally “gets it”

September 11, 2018


I must rush through this this morning.  I am grading over two dozen papers and must get ready for a Parents Night tonight while also transferring grades over to RenWeb from Moodle, all while organizing the Holy Land Trip’s last minute details and answering emails from students about upcoming assignments.

Treacherously busy time.

But, oh, believe me, I am not complaining.

I might be rushed, but I am a happy teacher today.

My student “Sarah” had a breakthrough yesterday.

Yes, she did.  She indeed, did, brothers and sisters.

For two years I have had a particular student deep in my heart and prayers.  From the first time she walked into my room, it was obvious that Sarah was hurting, and she showed in a most unusual way: by being loud, and I mean 18-wheeler-diesel-horn loud.  She blurted out every statement in a volume that was surprising – even her classmates would wince at the sheer loudness of it all.  As she talked (shouted) everything between class it was evident that she was thirsting for attention, whether positive or negative.  When class started, her eyes would flit about, looking for any distraction in the room, especially if she could gain the attention of another student – any student – for even a moment’s time.  Her inattentiveness had led her to more than one confrontation and even discipline from me for which she has been submissive.  She is physically in the class and is not openly disrespectful but – you teachers know what I mean – she mentally and especially spiritually just has not been getting it.   Not grasping the truths of the Bible.  Playing for the grade and not the purpose.  Not really realizing the impact of these doctrines.

Grade-wise, she’s been getting by with a low B and occasionally a B minus, but that’s not the point, you know.  I grieve when I realize that she’s been in Bible class for a second year – last year in First Testament Survey and this year in Bible Doctrines  – and has not come near the realization of the Spirit-led content nor of the joy of Christ or the glory of God.  She seemed, well, hollow all of these months.

But not yesterday, my friends.

“We are going to be heading to the mysterious and fascinating subject of Angelology,” I said.  “Let’s study angels, God’s messengers.”

I heard a squeal.

It was a squeal of delight.

It was Sarah.  I turned and saw her grinning from ear to ear.  “Oh, I love this,” she burst out.  She zoned in on the screen, chuckling to herself.  She opened up her Bible and raised her hand on every occasion to read Scripture aloud. Her eyes were fixed on the PowerPoint when there was a new fact or reference.  She was typing in notes at blazing speed.  She even pulled up notes from last year’s study of First Testament angel appearances…

…all the while grinning like a Cheshire cat.  Sarah was in her element; she really dug in and put down every word.  She was fully engaged.

I was trying my best to remain professional, but I must admit, I was as tickled as she was.  I headed to lunch grinning myself.

I saw her in the lunch line and patted her back.  “You really shone today, miss,” I said.  “All star performance, Sarah.”

She grinned.  “I am really loving this class.”


God;’s glory can be seen in so many different ways that we can see and appreciate.  Will you understand me and say that yesterday’s event with Sarah was a definite display of God’s glory and power right in Room 129?  He took a previously shell-hard young lady and melted away the exterior of indifference.  It was definitely a God-event.  I believe we’ll see more of His wonders today and in the coming days with Sarah.

He has caused his wonders to be remembered – Psalm 111:4


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