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Day 25: This amnesia led to disaster

September 15, 2018

1“Absent-minded” is a very good term that describes me.  I am not proud of it, but the description suits me well.  Last year I lost all of my keys.  Last week I left a twenty-dollar bill sitting in the Wal-Mart self-checkout machine right after I had requested it.  Years back at another school, I walked into the teacher’s lounge and started to eat my lunch, forgetting I had a class sitting in the room, waiting for me. Even in this past week – after years of teaching in this very same time/class schedule – in the middle of teaching I have asked the students to remind me when the class is over.

I am forgetful.

But you know, no matter how many pens I misplace or phone chargers I lose, I always seem to remember to eat lunch.  Or the directions to go home to see my family after school.


Because those things are essential.

Which brings me to a problem I’ve noticed as a teacher.  One of the greatest puzzles to me in these past months is the amnesiac parents and students I’ve run into.

A good example of this is “Vince”.

Just in this past week I was talking to Vince about a very serious spiritual step in his life. I asked him if he considered getting a spiritual mentor at his church.

“Well, I don’t go to church,” he told me.  “People really bother me so I just don’t go.”

Then there’s “Sandra”.

Sandra had come to me for Biblical guidance.  I asked her if her youth group was a help in her growth.

“Well,” she said, “I really don’t have a church that I go to.  My parents haven’t really found a church they like…”

“Oh, so you’re searching?” I asked.

“Yes, you could say that…”  she responded.

“You’ve all been going to different churches each week, kind of ‘testing them out’?” I asked.

“Well… we really haven’t even gone for a while…” Sandra responded.

I asked,” How long since you’ve gone?”

She shrugged.  “Almost two years now…”

Two years?

Two years?

I don’t get this.  Sandra’s family is a Christian family.  The folks are paying tuition for their child to get a Christian education.  They truly want to raise a solid Believer.  Yet Dad and Mom sit home on the weekends and refuse to get spiritual guidance so desperately needed in today’s world.

This is more than forgetting your keys, folks.  This is seriously wrong. I am talking to Christian families:  Getting into a church for spiritual guidance is essential.

And don’t give me the hackneyed line of not liking “organized religion”.  It’s a tired excuse that both you and I know is weak.  We’re talking about forging a family relationship with God, so stop juggling semantics; your children’s spiritual growth is at risk.

Students need to be fed from a spiritual authority and be in submission to God’s teaching – and that’s more than getting it from an old guy like me in a classroom setting.

The Bible backs this up, with the example of the Savior Himself.  Jesus said for spiritual leaders to “tend” (boskō), and that special word is best translated “to feed.”  Families need to be willing to sit under a learned spiritual authority and get spiritually fed – oh, man, have we run into serious Biblical anemia among Christian families due to an unwillingness to be fed!

The proper Bible church has leadership that is committed to shepherding the flock.  The word “shepherd” is poimainō and gives a pretty powerful illustration of the whole package of caring for the congregation’s members, each and every one. The shepherd will not stoop to telling only stories people want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3-4), but will follow the dictates of 2 Timothy 2 in helping his people understand the truth of the word and 2 Timothy 3 in correct living and even training in being righteous.

I had a friend who had to get a rebuilt engine in his car.  Seems he didn’t realize that you had to put oil in the motor.  I am not making this up – he never put oil in his brand new car.  It didn’t seem necessary to him … and the result was that his ignorance led to a disaster on the road.

The same holds true to the families that don’t feel that the sincere and submissive worship of a holy God is necessary.  The lack of worship and teaching is a road leading to disaster.  Just come and talk to me and I can tell you of many students whose Christian lives fell to ruin, mostly due to parents who relegated Godly worship and instruction to an unnecessary bother.

Christian parents and students, you might be absent-minded in some of life’s small things, but you cannot forget the essentials.

If you’ve truly given your life over to Christ and want God to direct your steps every day, why have you conveniently forgotten this important part of the Believer’s life?

Please don’t put all of the responsibility on Room 129.  You’re not being fair.



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