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Israel Holy Trip tour 2018 Day 3: is this synagogue where the young Jesus studied?

October 2, 2018


We were awakened at our convent in Nazareth and after a short breakfast, Dr. Hudson took us to the top patio/porch of the Franciscan retreat center and showed us Nazareth with a lesson that was panoramic in more than what we heard.   We had an awe-inspiring view of the hillside of Nazareth.

Church towers, domes, minarets and steeples.  Dusty brick and bright white stonework.  Bells ringing.

This is historical Nazareth.

We swiveled our heads to take in the early morning view, trying to imagine the walkway that would have led Jesus up the hillside in that direction to Cana.   I tried to picture in my mind’s eye of the quiet Mary facing the messenger Gabriel who had stepped away from the throne of God Himself to come down and bring a message that would change the world.

We walked to the Church of the Anunciation, an imposing structure that is really a church-within-a church.  An early Byzantine church was built over the site that many believe to be Mary’s childhood home.  The more recent church was literally built over top of the Byzantine structure.  The place was large but quiet.

Then we went to the Synagogue Church.  “This” said Dr. Hudson, “is what many people say could have been the very synagogue where the young Jesus studied.”  A church was built next to the small stone synagogue.  We descended the steps and stopped.

We stopped.

And looked.

Everyone was quiet.

This could have been the place where the child Jesus studied the Torah.  This could be where He sat on a bench and recited passage from Isaiah and Daniel.  This place.

And this was just the start to the day.

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