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Theology Camp next week

January 2, 2014

One of my most enjoyable times of the year is coming up next week. Theology Camp is my part of the overall Winterim schedule at Grace Christian Academy. Winterim is a blocked-out time period for the first two weeks following Christmas break, between semesters.  The idea behind Winterim to offer students a chance to get an in-depth – and sometimes “out of the box” – learning experience  where they can actually choose courses that most interest them.  Our GCA Winterim courses range from international travel opportunities to intense on-campus courses to internships that allow students to work alongside professionals.  A quick list of courses over the years  have included Creative Writing, Environmental Camp,  World War 2 History, Tennessee Vols Football, Drama Practice and even Radio Broadcasting Internships.

The Theology Camps get t1ahe students into a camp lodge setting in order to turn up the intensity in Biblical studies.  Along with our past subjects of Heaven, Apologetics, the Book of Revelation, Theodicy and Prayer, we have a no-holds-barred Question and Answer session every evening.  Every evening.  Originally planned to go for a half an hour, the Q & A session has been the most popular part of the Theology Camp, often exceeding three hours in length, well into the night.

What is the main reason that these Theology Camps?  It’s simple, really.  I want to give each student an opportunity to get answers that they may not have had the opportunity to ask anytime before.  The questions can be on anything:  the Gospels, the End Times, Angels, Salvation, and Jesus Himself.  Boy, have the questions been powerful!  Some of the most intense have to do with the question of a good God allowing evil into the world.   I promise the student that if I cannot get him or her the answer immediately, I will get them answers within the time of the camp week.

I remember one young lady M- plopping down on a sofa, staring at the roaring fire in the hearth and sighing deeply.  We were in our second hour of Q & A.  “I could just live here, and do this forever,” she said, grinning.  The young lady L- next to her nodded her head but tapped M- on the shoulder and said, “But the important thing is that we don’t just sit here and keep soaking it in.  We get to take this back out into the world and share it.”

Amen, sister.  That indeed is the reason for the camps.  2 Timothy 2:2.

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